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Diners World Travel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“DWTM”) and Diners World Travel Pte Ltd (“DWTS“) come under the fold of Diners Club as the wholly owned subsidiaries of its Malaysia and Singapore operations respectively. Established in 1972, Diners World Travel started as a travel agency catering exclusively to the travel need of Diners Club Card members and its associated companies. In 1977, they expanded their scope of activities to provide travel services to corporate enterprises and the general consumer market.

Today, DWTS has grown in its range of services to meet the varied needs of its clientele. It can handle not only air-ticketing, leisure outbound tours, but also incentive, convention and event planning. The emphasis on quality customer service is what sets DWTS apart from other travel agencies. Since 1997, DWTS has consistently been awarded the Annual Excellent Service Award (EXSA) for more than 11 consecutive years for the delivery of quality service to customers. To-date, 65 staff members had already won the individual awards for the Gold and Silver category. This is in recognition of the excellent performance of the service staff to encourage and spur them to greater heights. Organised by PSB Academy, the award is administered by 6 industries from the service sector namely the airport, attractions, hotels, restaurants, retail and travel agents. As travelers become more experienced and sophisticated, they expect more efficient, personal and value-added services. Quality has become one of the ways to win over these discerning travelers.

DWTS is proud to be the exclusive Singapore Partner of International Travel Partnership (ITP) and this allows DWTS to provide travel management solutions to our customers in more than 50 countries with unified workflow and reporting.

As an established travel agency, DWTM is constantly upgrading to meet with the latest market demands and to provide more than just travel services to cater to our clients’ needs. To meet with this demand and to be more innovative, DWTM has set up a new Events Management Department in the 3rd Quarter of 2016. We are able to provide professional services managed by our events team offering the latest ideas and hassle free events for our clients. We conduct our events both locally and also internationally. Since the department was set up, we have handled an "International Signing Ceremony 2016" from China held in September in Kuala Lumpur. The event comprised of 550 participants from China. We also handled the "HSBC Annual Sales Convention 2016" for 130 people which was held in March 2017. Already, both companies have won several prestigious accolades.

DWTM has won the following awards from airlines and Computer Reservations System provider Abacus (now Sabre)



Type of Award
Singapore Airline Awards
Year 2014/2015
Airline Singapore Airline
Type of Award Kuala Lumpur Top Agency Sales 2014/2015
Cathay Pacific
Year 2014
Airline Cathay Pacific
Type of Award Million Dollar Travel Agent 2014
Cathay Pacific
Year 2013/2014
Airline Malaysia Airline
Type of Award Gold Award 2013/2014
Cathay Pacific
Year 2012/2013
Airline Singapore Airline
Type of Award Appreciation Award FY2012/2013
MAS 2012
Year 2012
Airline Malaysia Airline
Type of Award Agent Award Year 2012
Year 2011/2012
Airline Emirates
Type of Award Certification of Appreciation For Your Continued Support During Year 2011/2012
2010/2011 MAS
Year 2010/2011
Airline Malaysia Airline
Type of Award Diamond Award 2010/2011
Cathay Pacific
Year 2010
Airline Cathay Pacific
Type of Award Million Dollar Agent Award 2010
Cathay Pacific
Year 2009
Airline Cathay Pacific
Type of Award Million Dollar Agent Award 2009
Year 2008/2009
Airline Malaysia Airline
Type of Award Diamond Award 2008/2009
Cathay Pacific
Year 2008
Airline Cathay Pacific
Type of Award Million Dollar Agent Award 2008

Computer Reservations System Provider

Top Travel Agent Award 2014


DWTS was awarded "Top Agents Award" by Singapore Airlines, "Million Dollar Agents Award" by United Airlines, "Top Agents Award & 20th Anniversary Award" by ABACUS Distribution Systems, "Promising Star Award" by INSIGHT VACATION, "Top Agents Award" by AIG Insurance, "Excellence Service Award" by PSB and "Most Improved Sales Agents Award" by Star Cruises.

With its growing recognition in the leisure, travel and tour industry the Diners World Travel business will continue to strengthen the services sector of the Johan Group.